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Friday, April 3, 2009

Movie Night

First of all, if you're a movie lover and you don't have Netflix you should probably go sign up now. It's great. OK, end of advertisement. Thursday night evolved into movie night since before we were married and I think it was because Thursday night found us in between weekday activities and weekend dates. When I lived at home Matt would come over and usually the Barrett girls and we'd pick a movie with much debating and going back and forth. Then we'd all squish onto my couches that could only hold 6 people but we always seemed to be able to squeeze in quite a few more, and we'd put the movie on the big screen. Of course the more people there were, the more voices that constantly had to be shushed. Sometimes we had big crowds and other times it was just my family and Matt. No matter what, movie night was fun and it's continued even though it's just Matt and me.

Well this movie night I got "Rachel Getting Married" from Netflix since it got such great reviews ... I must say, it's not the most fascinating movie but I really liked it. Anne Hathaway is in a role completely different than any other she's been in and she does it so easily: Troubled addict coming home from rehab to be in her older sister's wedding. I told Matt at the beginning that if it was boring we would turn it off. Needless to say we didn't turn it off. The acting seemed so natural to everyone in the movie, and the camera angles made it seem as if we were following a real family dealing with real issues. I'm not sure if everyone would like a movie like this one but it was different enough from a lot of the new movies coming out and Anne Hathaway was so convincing in her role that I definitely enjoyed it.

Tonight we're off to the Double T Diner for dinner, Matt wants to go once before we move back home and then tomorrow morning I'm planning on going to the farmer's market down the street, then hopefully we'll go see a movie tomorrow night. So even though I'm disappointed that we didn't get to go home this weekend (I miss you, Bean and Mrs Donna!), I'm glad we'll be staying busy with activities that I enjoy. : )

"No form of art goes beyond ordinary consciousness as film does, straight to our emotions, deep into the twilight of the soul."
-Ingrid Bergman-


  1. aaawww... i MISS YOU TOO!! but no worries, we'll make up for lost time! =]]

    and i'm glad you two had such a great Thursday night and weekend, even though i wasn't there of course lol jk

    ::sigh:: how romantic =]