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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day : )

I'm only a little bit Irish so I've never actually celebrated St. Patrick's Day... though I do usually wear something green so I don't get pinched. But because I watched Martha Stewart last week and she was making Irish Soda Bread, it inspired me to make something Irish the on the "Green" day... so I made Irish Bacon and Cabbage Soup that I found on allrecipes.com to go along with Martha Stewart's Soda Bread. And of course we had to have dessert but I didn't know what the Irish have for dessert so I made the Very Best Blueberry Cobbler recipe there is (or at least that's what it claimed by it's name). I made a few changes to the soup by adding garlic and onion and it came out very tasty indeed : ), plus the soda bread was thick and had such a nice crispy crust. And as for the blueberry cobbler, it was the best blueberry cobbler I've ever made, but then again I've only made it once before ; ) so I guess I'm not a good judge of that. It was a lot of fun to put such effort into a meal and have such good results. I'll definitely have to keep celebrating St. Patrick's Day especially if it involves good food.

"Food is essential to life. Therefore, make it good."
-S. Truett Cathy-


  1. aawww... that's adorable!! i wanted to celebrate it but i was at school all day. lol, but i DID wear green, and Dr. Chaikel played some Irish music for us in class =]]

    it sounds like you had a really great St. Patrick's day this year =]]

    love you!

  2. I am so jealous...I told Matt how much my mouth was watering when he was describing his meal. I was sharing this with Stef and she was like, "oh tell her to make this for us some weekend!"